Yesterday, the Hungarian Government fulfilled its duty with regard to the constitutional order, the victims of the Nazi occupation and Hungarians living today. We installed a public work of art, the mission of which is to express the pain and ordeal that the Hungarian nation experienced and suffered as a result of losing its freedom.

It reminds every one of us that the loss of our homeland’s independence had tragic consequences. It claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and caused an ocean of pain to millions of others. Foreign troops occupied our country’s territory uninterruptedly from 19 March 1944 until 1991. Terrible things happened to Hungary and to the citizens of the Hungarian state during the long years of occupation; things which could never have happened had we been in possession of our independence and national sovereignty.

We forewarn our children and grandchildren that if they want to lead a peaceful and happy life, if they wish for concord between the people who live in Hungary and if they regard the preservation of the values accumulated by our forefathers to be important, then they must above all else protect and preserve Hungary’s independence and autonomy, and regain it if needed.

Let this be a lesson, and warning and a commandment to each and every one of us.

(Prime Minister's Office)