The "unusual, rare and shocking" downing of the Malaysian passenger jet over the eastern part of Ukraine requires a thorough investigation, Prime Minister Orbán said in a radio interview on Friday.

Based on information received during the night, he said it was probable that the crash was the result of military action, but this was yet to be confirmed. People should, however, be prepared for the possibility that dozens of innocent people had lost their lives as a result of a military strike within the airspace of a neighbouring country, he added.

DownloadPhoto: Szilárd Koszticsák

The Prime Minister said that a significant influx of refugees from eastern areas of Ukraine has been registered in Transcarpathia. These movements affect the Hungarian community living there as well as Hungary itself, he added. He underlined that people should be prepared for the eventuality that the crisis in Ukraine could last longer than a few months.

He noted that this issue was on the agenda of the European Union summit in Brussels, and EU leaders are aware of the extreme gravity of the situation. He highlighted that the problem is that a new and stable democratic Ukrainian state has not yet emerged.

At the moment, the Ukrainian economy cannot stand on its own two feet and it needs a "frightening amount" of foreign money, he said, adding that autumn could see the development of a "serious humanitarian situation" in the country.

He also highlighted Hungary’s role in providing tangible support to Ukraine, as Hungary is the main supplier of gas to the country in addition to Poland.

(Prime Minister's Office)