In a message to congregations celebrating Hungarian Reformed Unity Day, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wrote that, in the period leading up to the five-hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation, we should remind ourselves of the close relationship that existed between the cause of religious revival, the preservation of the Hungarian language and the reinforcement of our Hungarian identity.

In his message, which on Sunday was relayed to the Hungarian News Agency MTI by his press chief, the Prime Minister pointed out that “We should be grateful for the fact that, despite the many adversities in Hungary’s history, to this day members of the Hungarian Reformed Church continue to live and to work. We wish this to be the case in the future as well, and that the heritage of the Hungarian Reformed Church, which is so important for the Hungarian nation, may be a continuing source of strength”.

In his message, Mr. Orbán wished the Hungarian Reformed Community the strength and perseverance to serve the Hungarian homeland in the spirit of their 500-year heritage. Referring to the fact that at midday on Sunday, on the Hungarian Reformed Unity Day, the main thanksgiving communion service was held in Kolozsvár, Mr. Orbán added that “As much as they might have tried, they could not have found a better place than the home of the members of the Hungarian Reformed Community in Kolozsvár, a city of treasures”.

The Hungarian Reformed Unity Day is a celebration expressing the spiritual and fraternal community of Hungarians living in the Carpathian Basin and around the world.