The Government is planning to spend a total 300 billion forints (EUR 1bn) on developing Hungary's food industry in the next few years, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced on Wednesday, speaking at the opening ceremony of a plant for Stühmer. He stated that government support would help create new jobs outside Budapest.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the output of small and medium-size enterprises needed to be multiplied to ensure the stability of the national economy. Meeting that goal requires efforts to make taxation more flexible and more entrepreneur-friendly. Tax rules should not pose an unbearable burden for businesses, he added. Prime Minister Orbán repeated his commitment to creating Europe's most competitive business environment in Hungary.

DownloadPhoto: Gergely Botár

Talking about why he accepted the invitation to the opening ceremony, he highlighted the importance of SMEs, which provide jobs for 75% of the Hungarians working. He pointed out that the country is preforming better, and it can join its peers with the help of companies such as Stühmer.

(Prime Minister's Office)