We have faith in Italy regarding migration policy as it is a big country and shares Hungary’s position, Judit Varga, Minister of State for EU Relations at the Prime Minister’s Office told the Hungarian news agency MTI by telephone after her talks in Rome on Wednesday.

The Minister of State recalled that while Hungary had demonstrated on land that the migration flow could be stopped, Italy had proved the same at sea.

As a further shared Hungarian-Italian position, Mrs Varga mentioned aspirations to take help where there is trouble, rather than letting trouble into Europe. It would be desirable if Italy and other big countries such as France, Spain or Germany also followed suit, she added.

She said the primary purpose of her talks in Rome was to outline the Hungarian position. She disclosed Hungary’s factual legal arguments regarding the European Union’s procedure under Article Seven to her chief negotiating partner, Elisabetta Belloni, Secretary-General of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and said that Budapest expects fair treatment under any circumstances.

Based on her talks held on Wednesday, the Minister of State for EU Affairs at the Prime Minister’s Office said she believes that Italy will be Hungary’s partner in this matter.