According to the latest data, the number of tourists has increased by more than 5 per cent, while the revenues of accommodation facilities have increased by over 10 per cent compared with last year. It is good news that the engine of this growth is domestic tourism. This indicates that Hungarian families are in better financial circumstances.

The government will provide every assistance with the continued dynamic increase of Hungarian tourism. Direct grant programmes, infrastructure developments and information campaigns, too, serve this purpose.

It testifies to the government’s commitment that while in 2010 only HUF 7.6 billion was available for the development of tourism, this sum has multiplied and now stands at HUF 53 billion.

Tourism is not only a success sector of the economy, but also one of the main scenes of patriotism. It creates an opportunity for us to preserve our cultural and natural values. We know full well that Hungary is a great place, and we would like ever more people around the world to also become aware of this.

Csaba Dömötör

Parliamentary State Secretary

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/Centre for Government Communication)