Following the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács told public news channel M1 that the Government will increase the amount allocated for the construction of the temporary border barrier and for the temporary placement of migrants by HUF 22.2 billion.

The Government Spokesperson explained that, together with the HUF 6.5 billion allocated for the materials and construction costs of the temporary barrier, the amount dedicated to handling the problem will thus reach approximately HUF 29 billion.

The additional funds – to be transferred from the budget reserves – will also be spent on establishing refugee camps equipped with tents and on relocating reception centres from populated areas, he said, adding that the decision on the locations for the new camps will be made within one or two months.

Mr. Kovács pointed out that due to the second wave of migrants, who arrived in the second half of last year, the Police have already spent HUF 31.4 billion on reinforcing border patrols and on technical equipment.

There is huge pressure on Hungary, in financial terms as well, the Spokesperson emphasised, adding that the European Union has only provided a fraction of the funds to Hungary.

Currently there are over 3500 people at reception centres, Mr. Kovács said.

Over 5600 illegal migrants were provided with medical treatment up until the beginning of June. Referring to the fact that more than fifty foreign citizens were taken to hospital from Nyugati railway station on Tuesday night due to suspected illness, Mr. Kovács said that the problem is also becoming graver in terms of health considerations.

(Prime Minister’s Office, MTI)