On Saturday morning, at a meeting convened as a result of the terrorist attacks in Paris, the National Security Cabinet task force decided that security measures in Hungary will be reinforced. The meeting was also attended by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. At the Government Spokesperson’s press conference, the Prime Minister’s senior internal security advisor György Bakondi gave an account of the decisions adopted earlier.

Mr. Bakondi said that Hungary’s protection must be reinforced, with measures similar to those adopted in other European Union countries.

He said he understands a so-called B-Level of terrorism threat is being declared, as was the case after the earlier attack in Belgium.

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As an essential element of the reinforced security measures, police presence will be significantly increased in public areas and in the vicinity of priority sites such as Budapest airport and the Paks nuclear power station.

Border controls and surveillance in penal institutions will also be tightened, the senior advisor said.

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Mr. Bakondi also told the press that there is no information on specific terrorism threats in Hungary.

The senior internal security advisor said that legislative preparation is also ongoing, and this will be on the agenda of the Wednesday Cabinet meeting. Based on this, a new system of measures related to terrorism threats are to be introduced.

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Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács reiterated that during the course of the night Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó had offered their condolences to the victims of the Paris attacks. At the same time, they expressed their shock at such a large-scale attack on the French nation and the whole of European culture.

In answer to a question, Mr. Bakondi said that there are still no reports of there being any Hungarian victims.