In contrast to the assumptions and pieces of false new that have been published in the press, neither the Hungarian State nor the Hungarian authorities helped Nikola Gruevski leave Macedonia.

Nikola Gruevski indicated his intention to submit a request for asylum at one of Hungary’s foreign representations. For security reasons, the Hungarian authorities made it possible for the submission of the request and the hearing of Nikola Gruevski, who was Macedonia’s Prime Minister for ten years, to take place at the headquarters of the Immigration and Asylum Office in Budapest. The Immigration and Asylum Office is conducting the asylum process in accordance with Hungarian law and in harmony with international law.

Also in accordance with both Hungarian legal regulations and international practice, until the procedure is completed the Hungarian authorities are not at liberty to provide further information with relation to the asylum procedure. We underline, however, that Nikola Gruevski is in Hungary legally in accordance with the legal stipulations concerning asylum procedures.

(Prime Minister’s Office)