At a prayer evening held in the US Legislative Capitol Building, the Minister of State for helping persecuted Christians at the Prime Minister’s Office, who is also responsible for the implementation of the Hungary Helps Programme, outlined the Hungarian position which holds that help must be taken where there is trouble, rather than bringing problems here.

Thanks to the Hungarian humanitarian aid provided as part of the Hungary Helps Programme which started two and a half years ago, it has become clear to persecuted Christians in the Middle East that the world has not forgotten about them, they are not alone, as they can always count on Hungary, Tristan Azbej, the Minister of State for helping persecuted Christians at the Prime Minister’s Office and for the implementation of the Hungary Helps Programme said at a prayer evening organised by the organisation In Defence of Christians (IDC) in Washington.

At the event held in the cupola hall of the building of US legislature, in addition to speaking about the efforts made by the Hungarian government in the interest of persecuted Christians, the Minister of State also highlighted that Hungary is compelled to sustain unfair attacks from the liberal elite. He said they attack us because we protect our borders, our Christian culture and our national identity. We call a spade a spade, and instead of referring to Christians as “Easter worshippers” we call Christians Christians, Mr Azbej added, with reference to a statement made by former US President Barack Obama in connection with the terrorist attack that took place in Sri Lanka at Easter. It is common knowledge that in a message of condolence posted on Twitter, Barack Obama abstained from using the word ‘Christian’ despite the fact that the attacks primarily targeted churches.

In his speech, Mr Azbej stated that the Hungarian government condemns the hypocritical double standards of liberals, and is not prepared to observe illegal migration and the ever wider spread of extreme Islamic terrorism quietly, in a conspiratorial manner.

(Prime Minister's Office/MTI)