As part of the Hungary Helps Programme, the Government of Hungary is contributing HUF 10 million to the refurbishment of churches vandalised by illegal immigrants on the Greek island of Lesbos.

This year, migrants on the island have attacked several sacred places, thereby protesting against the fact that the Greek authorities are preventing their illegal migration to Europe’s more remote countries. In consequence of acts of vandalism, several liturgical objects and the furnishings of churches have been seriously damaged.

On behalf of the Greek national minority in Hungary, the Self-Government of the Greeks of Hungary contacted the Prime Minister’s Office in order to seek assistance with the restoration of chapels. Hungary firmly stands up for protecting freedom of religion and Christian culture. We hold that help must be taken where there is trouble, rather than bringing trouble here.

The donation for the renovation of churches on the island of Lesbos will be handed over as part of the Hungary Helps Programme by Minister of State for Helping Persecuted Christians and the Implementation of the Hungary Helps Programme Tristan Azbej and Minister of State for Church and National Minority Affairs Miklós Soltész through the Self-Government of the Greeks of Hungary.

(Prime Minister’s Office/MTI)