Europe must not be organised into an empire, Balázs Orbán, the Parliamentary and Strategic State Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office stated at a student conference held in Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca).

After his address, he told Hungarian public service media that the EU’s success stemmed from the ancient knowledge of the Member States that the community can only operate as a scheme for the cooperation of free and equal nations.

He concluded that so far no one has succeeded in organising the European continent into an empire; all such attempts have failed to date.

“Today we are living in times of such attempts again. This is very dangerous because as we cane see, the attempts to build an empire are in fact undermining the very achievements which the EU represents for us all,” he said.

Mr Orbán highlighted it is symptomatic of the crisis that while the EU is making attempts to organise itself into an empire, it has been unable to rise to the challenges of migration, and one of its strongest and most important Member States, the United Kingdom has decided to leave the community.

We must find an answer to these crisis symptoms, and the answer must come from the Member States, not from Brussels. It is therefore very important that young Hungarians in Transylvania, too, make their voice heard in connection with the EU’s future, the State Secretary said.

The politician spoke at the conference of the Mikó Imre College of Kolozsvár economics and law students. The conference organised for the 12th time seeks to explore the development of human factors amidst progress in the fields of economics and law in the 21st century.