The Hungary Helps initiative implementing the Hungarian government’s humanitarian efforts has opened a new chapter in the world of international aid.

The experiences of providing help on the ground and cooperating with religious organisations active in crisis zones have attracted the attention of even the largest western donor countries.

For the first time, Hungary attended the Stabilization Leaders Forum (SLF), and immediately joined the organisation’s professional efforts. SLF was founded in 2013 in order to create a network through annual meetings among government agencies engaged in the stabilisation of crisis zones. Its members include countries ranked as the largest humanitarian donors globally: the United States of America, Australia, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Canada and Germany.

Hungary was invited to the organisation’s latest meeting thanks to the recognition of the humanitarian assistance provided in the Middle East and in Africa as part of the Hungary Helps Programme which has been ongoing since 2017. At the 17 May meeting, Hungary was represented by Gábor Márki, Chief Executive of Hungary Helps Ügynökség Nonprofit Zrt. on two task forces.

The Hungary Helps Agency registered on 14 April 2019 is a fully state-owned non-profit organisation. The duty of the Agency is to quickly and effectively channel assistance and aid to persecuted communities and the victims of humanitarian disasters, and to enable Hungary to make a substantial contribution on the international scene to the elimination of the processes which also cause migration by providing immediate help on the ground.