“The country’s unity can only be preserved by the referendum; Brussels is only afraid of the people and will only bow to the will of the people”, the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office said in Csanádpalota.

At the street forum held as a series of events to promote the 2 October referendum on the mandatory relocation quota, János Lázár stressed that if the referendum is successful and voters put forward a unanimous opinion then there will be no mandatory relocation.

Mr. Lázár, who is also the area’s Member of Parliament, said that the Government cannot win the battle against immigration and the compulsory quota alone and needs people to take part in the referendum and voice their opinion.

“There are 148 thousand migrants living in Western Europe who arrived there via Hungary and who could be deported back to Hungary. Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Norway have already taken steps in the interests of doing so, while Hungary cannot send them to Greece, where they in fact first entered the territory of the European Union”, the Minister said.

“If only 20-30 thousand of them remain here it will mean several hundred families for a big city and as many as 20-30 for a settlement the size of Csanádpalota, which would completely change the town’s character. These immigrants will not accept our rules, they do not want to blend in or assimilate, but “want to shape our cities and villages to fit their own image”, Mr. Lázár said.

‘We would have to provide them with work, schools, nursery schools, and social and health care”, he informed the press, adding that the country is unprepared for the admittance of hundreds of thousands of people.

“The Government’s duty is to help the Hungarians”, the Minister stressed.