We must also reckon with the serious political and security consequences of migration in the long run, the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister said on the Friday evening programme of the public service television news channel M1.

György Bakondi added that members of certain parliamentary groups intend to continue the policy, of which the migrant (humanitarian) visa forms an integral part; a policy which holds that we must not make a distinction between political refugees and economic migrants, and which would even grant immigrants citizenship.

Regarding the fact that the Italian government would also grant immigrants citizenship, Mr Bakondi observed that together with citizenship people would also be granted the franchise, and this means long-term political consequences.

The chief advisor also said there are more and more signs indicating that the immigrants staying in Greece have no intention of going back to Syria, but want to set out for Europe instead.

Therefore, the European Commission and the European Parliament should take urgent measures in order for Greece to fulfil the role that it has failed to fulfil to date; the role of keeping illegal immigrants away from the continent, Mr Bakondi stated.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)