Twenty-five illegal border crossed were apprehended on the country’s territory from Friday to Sunday, the National Police headquarters informed Hungarian news agency MTI on Monday.

According to the statistics published on the police website, 3 foreign citizens who were on the country’s territory illegally were apprehended on Friday and 11 on Saturday, all of whom were accompanied back across the temporary border barrier. 11 migrants were apprehended along the Hungarian-Croatian border.

According to the regulations that came into force on 28 March 2017, during a state of crisis caused by mass migration police officers may apprehend foreign citizens who are in Hungary illegally and accompany them back across the border, provided they are not suspected of having committed a crime.

47 migrants were apprehended by police on the country’s territory over the past week and accompanied back across the border. During the previous week of 14-20 May, this number was 66. A total of 23 migrants were apprehended along the Ukrainian, Croatian and Romanian stretches of the border during the past week, it transpires from the police summary.