“Turkey’s stability has a long-term effect on Europe’s security”, Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, György Bakondi said on Hungarian M1 television’s Wednesday morning current affairs program.

Mr. Bakondi spoke about the fact that there are currently some 3.5 million Syrian and half a million Iraqi and other refugees in Turkey, and accordingly it is in Europe’s interests for the country to cooperate.

“Turkey is mobilizing major resources to accommodate and care for the refugees”, he added.

Mr. Bakondi also said that migration pressure on the southern border is expected to increase, and accordingly the border security system must be maintained at its current level.

Speaking on Kossuth Radio’s “Good morning” show, the Chief Security Advisor also said: “After Hungary proved that it is possible to close the land border, Brussels’ opinion was that the maritime border cannot be protected. “This is what Italy has now refuted, having proven that the maritime borders can also be closed”, he pointed out.

“In addition, Italy has also tightened its immigration regulations, as a result of which reaching the country’s shores no longer means an automatic right to social asylum”, he added.