According to the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, the level of organisation and orientation of migration has not diminished; those organising migration and the people smugglers are continuously monitoring the measures introduced by countries.

Speaking on Hungarian M1 television’s Friday evening current affairs program, György Bakondi said that following the closure of the Hungarian border, the main migration route moved towards Croatia, and now that the countries of the Western Balkans are also taking stronger action against migration, organisers and smugglers are searching for new directions.

The expert stressed that the political situation has changed in nation states, which no longer think that it is a good thing that more and more migrants are arriving, and accordingly are reintroducing border control measures. “This, however, is endangering the Schengen Agreement, and it is not in the interests of any country for movement to be difficult along the internal borders. This is one of the reasons why it would be important to keep migration as far away as possible from the Schengen borders”, Mr. Bakondi added.