Thanks to the measures introduced by the Italian authorities during the past three months, the number of illegal immigrants arriving by sea has fallen by several orders of magnitude”, Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister György Bakondi said on Hungarian M1 television on Wednesday.

Mr. Bakondi stressed that in response to the stricter regulations, the staff of non-governmental organisation Sea Watch have introduced a new method: upon arriving at the shores of Italy, they transfer the immigrants to small boats that the Italian authorities are unable to apprehend along the country’s shoreline.

According to the security expert, the chief goal of the method is to enable the people smugglers to win the support of the political forces that are promoting immigration, and thus successfully loosen the legislative strictness that has been introduced in Italy.

Mr. Bakondi also spoke about the relationship between migration and the European Union’s top candidates, explaining that it is one of Central Europe’s great successes that the EU’s heads of state and government have not nominated Frans Timmermans, a long-time, open ally of George Soros and a great supporter of mass migration, for the post of President of the European Commission.