“The reason migrants are not flooding though Hungary is that the institutional system and border protection are working”, Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister György Bakondi said on Hungarian M1 television’s Thursday evening current affairs programme with relation to the fact that a few days ago the Hungarian Government extended the crisis situation introduced because of immigration.

Concerning the Sargentini Report, Mr. Bakondi said: “They want to punish Hungary for not following liberal ideas with relation to migration policy, but concentrating instead on protecting the population”.

“The European Parliament election campaign is underway, and the liberal politicians who are practicing a mistaken migration policy would like to achieve success via the Sargentini Report. The main issue at the election will be migration”, the Chief Security Advisor added.

“German public television is attempting to withhold several facts with relation to migration; its objectivity has come into question”, Mr. Bakondi said. “They may succeed in hiding reality from the masses for a while, but the past three years have made the facts absolutely clear, and this is already evident in the election results”, he stressed.