“In its latest measure to combat migration, the Government has decided to resubmit the Stop Soros legislative package and the related constitutional amendment”, Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office Gergely Gulyás announced. The Stop Soros package will be stricter than originally planned, and will also include criminal law sanctions against those who organise migration.

At the first Government Info press conference following the formation of the new Cabinet, Mr. Gulyás said the Cabinet had discussed the Stop Soros legislative package and the related constitutional amendment bill at its first proper meeting. A modified version of the Stop Soros package is expected to be submitted to Parliament next week, with the National Assembly debating the bill on the following week. “We want to protect Hungary not only from illegal immigration, but also from those who are organising it”, he added.

The Bill includes changes to the Police Act, the Penal Code, the Asylum Act and the Border Protection Act. Organising illegal immigration will become an illegal act, and will also be included in the penal code with a separate statutory definition.

With relation to the constitutional amendment bill, Mr. Gulyás told reporters: “It will be made clear that Hungary is only prepared to afford asylum as a first safe country”.

((kormany.hu / MTI))