Also during the holidays, security will be the number one priority; we will continuously monitor the situation around the Hungarian border, the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister said at a press conference held on Sunday in Budapest.

György Bakondi highlighted that the government is continuously monitoring the Balkans route and directly the Hungarian borders. He said this year the European migration situation has not abated, but has worsened compared with last year.

At the Hungarian border, the pressure of migration has increased significantly, by more than two hundred per cent, and therefore military and police forces will perform their duties in adequate numbers and with adequate technical support also during the holidays, the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister stressed.

Mr Bakondi thanked the police officers and members of the military serving at the border, and reassured them that they will receive all necessary support.

According to his information, on Friday 235 illegal border-crossers were apprehended at the Hungarian borders; not since 2015 have this many people attempted to enter the country illegally in one day. The authorities apprehended ten people at the Romanian border section, five Palestinians and five Syrians; on the Serbian section, in 38 instances, 225 people were apprehended, including 195 Syrian nationals, 11 Afghans, 9 Algerians, 3 Tunisians, 2 Palestinians, 2 Iraqis, 1 Libyan, 1 Turk and 1 Sudanese national.

He said on Hungary’s border with Serbia, compared with last year’s six thousand illegal border-crossers, this year 14,551 persons have been detained; on the Croatian border section, in contrast to last year’s 139, this year 299 people have been apprehended; on the Romanian border section, compared with last year’s 204, this year 490 border violators have been apprehended; while on the Ukrainian border section, last year’s 57 attempts match this year’s number. He added that so far this year they have apprehended 149 people smugglers in contrast to 134 last year during the whole year.

The Chief Security Advisor said pro-immigration forces continue to keep Hungary under political pressure which the government firmly rejects with reference to both factual data and the Hungarian people’s security needs. “We will not yield to any political pressure, we will continue to protect the Hungarian people’s security and the Hungarian border,” he said. He added that they will also protect Hungary from any planned relocation schemes which “have featured in a number of political statements in recent weeks”.

In answer to a question, he stressed that the intensification of the migration pressure indicates that there plenty more illegal migrants to follow those already on the continent, and the factors which encourage migrants in terms of organisation, funding and political support have not abated.

Additionally, the fact that Turkey is planning to relocate approximately one million people to Syrian territories has induced a great many people to set out. This is confirmed by the circumstance that the vast majority of border violators apprehended at the Hungarian border have recently been Syrian, while earlier Afghans, Pakistanis and Iranians were in the majority, he said.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)