According to Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister György Bakondi, the quota proposal is on the agenda once again, and prior to next year’s EP elections the current European Parliament majority wants to adopt all possible decisions that assure the “flooding in” of migrants in the long term.

Speaking on Hungarian M1 television’s Saturday evening current affairs program, Mr. Bakondi mentioned amongst these proposals legalising illegal immigration, the distribution mechanism, the official, central management of immigration and the new border guard system.

With relation to the humanitarian visa recently adopted by the European Parliament, he said: they want to use it to make the efforts of European Union member states to protect the EU’s external borders pointless, because according to the resolution a request may be submitted at any EU embassy, and the applicant may receive a visa with which they can enter Europe, after which they may submit a request for asylum.

The quota proposal has been rejected several times, because not only Hungary, but other countries also stated that they do not want mandatory resettlement quotas, but it has been brought up again under various new names.

Mr. Bakondi repeated the Government’s position according to which illegal migration must be stopped at the EU’s external borders and only those should be allowed into Europe who have already been checked and who are truly eligible to receive asylum status; the problem should not be brought in, but assistance should be provided where the trouble is, including via financial, economic and social measures.