A fundamental criterion of the Schengen Area is the ability to protect the borders, the Prime Minister’s chief advisor for internal security said on the Friday evening programme of the public service television news channel M1.

György Bakondi added: if the borders cannot be reliably protected, the Schengen Area – with all its economic, social, political and tourism benefits – will no longer make much sense. This is why a number of Member States have decided – with the Commission’s approval – to reinstate internal border controls in order to filter out those who want to enter Europe illegally, whether via the Balkans route, or from the direction of Libya by sea, via Italy.

According to the chief advisor, the question is “whether we can make decisions at a European level” to put an end to the illegal state of affairs which disregards our laws, threatens the citizens of Europe, and contributes to the deterioration of the internal security situation, or we wait until illegal migration has even graver economic, social, political and internal security consequences.