At a joint press conference held on Wednesday in the Márianosztra High and Medium Regime Prison, Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister György Bakondi and Director-General of the National Headquarters of the Hungarian Prison Service András Csóti announced that, following test operations, the production of NATO razor wire has started.

The Chief Security Advisor explained that the sole producer of NATO razor wire in Hungary is Nostra Ltd., which is owned by the Hungarian Prison Service. He said that when building the temporary border barrier, Hungary used 72,000 columns, 247 kilometres of wire mesh and 1,100 kilometres of NATO razor wire.

The procurement, production and transportation of the materials needed for construction of the temporary border barrier was organised by the Prison Service’s management department. Maintenance and repairs are also being conducted by them, Mr. Bakondi said.

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He recalled that, soon after closure of the green borders on the Hungarian-Serbian border section, the borders with Croatia were also closed, and the measure has brought immediate and obvious results: the migration route changed within hours. The Chief Security Advisor also recalled that in the meantime the production of NATO razor wire has also started.

In line with the Government’s efforts to make law-enforcement institutions self-sufficient, the task of production was assigned to prisons.

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Mr. Bakondi also said that following the necessary training and test operations, the production of NATO razor wire has started, and the “appropriate amount” is already available. He added that “if necessary, we will be able to construct a temporary border barrier along the Romanian-Hungarian border section from the materials already produced”.

Mr. Bakondi said that Hungary has sold 24,000 rolls of NATO wire, 16,000 columns and 48,000 fastenings to Slovenia, while Macedonia has been supplied with 10,000 rolls – 100 km – of NATO wire, construction and technical equipment.

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He said that the factory is also able to produce for export, and NATO razor wire can be used in a variety of environments.

Production is divided into double shifts: thirteen inmates work per shift, producing an average of 100 rolls of wire per day. Some 90% of the inmates work either at the institution’s workplaces or that of Nostra Ltd.