On Wednesday evening György Bakondi, Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister told public television channel M1 that more migrants in the Kiskunhalas reception centre have threatened to jump out of the building if authorities do not open the camp.

Mr. Bakondi said that three migrants of Arabic origin were standing in the second floor window and are making their threats from there.

Earlier on, two migrants of Syrian and Iraqi origins respectively climbed onto the rooftop of the reception centre demanding the opening of the camp. They were being watched by some 150 fellow migrants. The two men threatened to jump off the roof if their demands are not met; these two protesters have already been brought down from the rooftop. Their requests for asylum have already been rejected, they are awaiting their deportation from Hungary, Mr. Bakondi explained.

He added that these two men have made cuts on their arms and chests, they will receive psychological treatment.

The Chief Security Advisor also discussed the illegal escape of five Algerian and two Moroccan migrants that took place on Tuesday evening. He said that five of the men have already been caught, two are still being searched for.

The migrants got to the rooftop, descended from there and left the camp through the fence, he said and added that it is due to the escape that it is examined what kinds of further potential security measures need to be introduced in the reception centre.