“Migration along the Balkan route doesn’t even stop during winter, although certain mountain roads are unpassable at such times”, Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, György Bakondi said on Hungarian M1 television’s Saturday evening current affairs program.

“Migrants are not only continuously arriving in the Greek islands, but increasing numbers are also arriving in Greece via land routes from Turkey, and there is also movement via Bulgaria”, he explained.

There is no precise data on the number of people in the Balkans, their numbers are estimated at around 70 thousand, Mr. Bakondi indicated. As he explained, if migrants couldn’t get through using this route, they wouldn’t set off on it.

According to the Chief Security Advisor, huge numbers of people are being transported along both the Balkan and maritime migration routes in an organised manner by people smugglers. He pointed out that when Hungary built the fence along its border with Serbia in 2015, people smugglers took the migrants over to the Croatian stretch of the border within hours.

However, Mr. Bakondi also stressed that on the maritime routes, ships owned by non-governmental organisations, which are primarily financed by George Soros, have taken over the transport of migrants, and in recent days a video was published showing the representatives of certain NGOs teaching migrants how to deceive the authorities.

With relation to the anonymous bank cards being used by large numbers of migrants, the Chief Security Advisor said the cards enable the use of unknown quantities of money from unknown sources, the monitoring of which is unclear, including to finance terrorists or fund the perpetrators of serious crimes. “It is a solution that uses the money of European citizens and represents a significant risk to European security, and illegally facilitates the mass inflow of migrants”, Mr. Bakondi declared.