The activity of migrants has recently intensified on the Serbian border section, the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister said on the public service television news channel M1 on Wednesday.

György Bakondi said this year more than 6,300 persons have already attempted to cross the Hungarian border illegally.

The majority of immigrants are Pakistani, Afghan and Iranian citizens, but people from Iraq, Syria and Sub-Saharan Africa, too, regularly attempt to cross the border illegally, he added.

Regarding the fact that on Monday in Frankfurt an immigrant from Eritrea pushed a woman with her child under a train, Mr Bakondi stressed that the Hungarian government has for years been trying to draw attention to the fact that uncontrolled illegal migration poses a threat to the citizens of the recipient countries.

In order to create internal security, it is necessary to seal Europe’s external borders to illegal migration, and to ensure that illegal immigrants living off crime leave, the chief advisor stated.

On Kossuth Radio’s programme Good morning, Hungary, Mr Bakondi said thanks to the physical and legal border closure, Hungary has become one of Europe’s safest countries which, he added, also boosts its economic growth.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)