Illegal migration will be the main issue of next year’s EP elections, the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister pointed out on the Sunday evening programme of the public service television news channel M1.

György Bakondi added that Europe can be divided into two groups: pro-immigration and anti-immigration forces. French President Emmanuel Macron has already volunteered to lead pro-immigration forces, the chief security advisor observed, highlighting that Hungary is on the other side.

The chief security advisor takes the view that, with the approach of the elections, liberal left-wing politics, too, has recognised that societies do not want to see the continuation of the present European political line. They want change, and they want security. Therefore recently a number of politicians, including politicians who earlier favoured open borders and supported the idea of letting masses of people in, have started talking about the protection of the external borders.

Mr Bakondi stressed that Hungary, together with a number of other countries, finds it is an unacceptable solution – one which also gravely violates sovereignty – that the protection of the external borders should mean the withdrawal of border controls from Member State competence.

He also said that the quotas have not been removed from the agenda. If migrants find that they are distributed in Europe, they will see that as a double attraction to set out. With the opening of the borders and the quotas, ever further masses of people will set out which will in turn further aggravate the internal security situation in Europe, he highlighted.