“There are currently tens of thousands of migrants on the Balkan migration route”, the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister said on Hungarian M1 television’s Wednesday morning current affairs program.

According to György Bakondi, the level of further pressure that will be exerted on the Hungarian border as a result of the conflict in Syria is incalculable.

“We must be prepared”, the Chief Security Advisor said, adding that the border security system can only work effectively and serve the security of the Hungarian people if the immigration state of crisis remains in force.

With relation to the Sargentini Report, Mr. Bakondi said: “It is clearly evident that those who since 2015 have had a political or economic interest in organising and managing migration, and in maintaining the mass, uncontrolled inflow of immigrants, are doing everything they can”.

According to the Chief Security Advisor, the nature of the political battle with relation to the assessment of migration has changed. The positions of the two sides are evident in this: on one side they want to realise the security of citizens and Europe, while on the other a liberal and extremist-liberal group would like to continue with existing EU policy.

“They believe that a mass, illegal inflow of people is a good thing, and would like to restrict nations and reduce the spheres of competence of member states”, Mr. Bakondi explained