On Wednesday, György Bakondi, Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister told public television channel M1 that an increasing number of migrants arriving to Serbia through Macedonia and Bulgaria are approaching the Hungarian border, and they are determined to continue their journey to Western Europe at any price, even by using violence.

Mr. Bakondi said that while in the first quarter of the year some 4,500 migrants attempted to cross Hungary’s border, in the second quarter this figure amounted to 10,500, so an increasing trend can be observed. Should this pressure further increase that will lead to a difficult situation in the Western Balkan region, and in the whole of the European Union as well. Also, there are more than 130,000 migrants in Italy, who arrived there from Libya, Mr. Bakondi added, pointing out that all these factors are keeping Europe under constant pressure.

In Mr. Bakondi’s opinion, more and more people in Europe believe that the continent is not able to handle migration of this magnitude, and therefore national governments and Brussels must make decisive steps to ensure protection. He also said that the fact that migrants are committing more and more violent acts poses a significant threat to public security: a number of incidents occurred in Hungary’s reception centres, and it also turned out that the attacker on the train in Germany was also linked to the Islamic State.

Mr. Bakondi expressed his hope that in light of all these developments, the European Union will succeed in establishing a system that will provide political protection to genuine refugees, and will be able to effectively keep out terrorism, and those who are arriving in Europe for purely economic considerations.