“The ten thousand staff of the European Union’s Border and Coast Guard Agency Frontex is very little in the case of a major migration movement”, Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister György Bakondi said on Hungarian M1 television’s Thursday morning current affairs program.

Mr. Bakondi said that according to the treaty on the reinforcement of Frontex adopted by the European Parliament (EP) on Wednesday, the organisation’s staff will first be increased to five thousand, and later to ten thousand.

He said it was fortunate that the condition objected to by Hungary, according to which Frontex would also be able to take action without the authorisation of the given member state in case of major trouble, was not included in the agreement. “This issue would have had serious effects with relation to sovereignty”, he added.

“The decision is part of the European Union election campaign, because its implementation will occur during the next parliamentary cycle”, the Chief Security Advisor declared. “In recent months, the EP has done everything in its power to establish an irreversible legal environment that supports the pro-immigration forces”, he added.

“If the European Parliament has a different make-up following the elections, and there are anti-immigration politicians in the European Union’s leading institutions, it will become possible to make decisions that conform to the European people’s demand for security”, Mr. Bakondi explained.

The number of people arriving has increased on all migration routes, and the numbers are expected to increase further during the summer, the Chief Security Advisor said.