From Sunday midnight, the restrictions on movement will cease to have effect in Budapest. From 18 May, Monday the following rules will enter into force:

  • Not including persons living in the same household, wherever possible persons are obliged to keep a safe distance of one and a half metres from others.
  • In shops and on public transport, the wearing of face masks will remain compulsory.
  • From Monday, subject to maintaining a safe distance, public areas, parks and open-air playgrounds will reopen to visitors.
  • In food stores, personal hygiene stores and pharmacies, the hours between 9.00 a.m. and 12.00 p.m. will remain reserved for persons over the age of 65, while persons aged under 65 will be allowed to visit these stores outside the above hours.
  • Local governments may determine different hours of shopping at markets for customers in different age groups.
  • From Monday all shops may reopen to customers.
  • Catering establishments, in particular, restaurants, cafes, cake shops, snack bars and pubs will be allowed to reopen their gardens and terraces to customers.
  • Bathing facilities and outdoor baths will be allowed to reopen.
  • Outdoor museums and zoos will be allowed to reopen.
  • Services will be available to anyone for use; service premises will be allowed to remain open without restrictions.
  • Church services as well as civil weddings and funerals will be allowed to be held. In Budapest, family events with an attendance of less than two hundred may be held from 15 June 2020.
  • Universities may reopen; however, the head of every higher education institution will be entitled to make a decision on reopening. The student residence facilities of higher education institutions will remain closed.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister)