Ever more information confirms the organised nature and background financing of illegal immigration, the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister said on the Sunday evening programme of the public service television news channel M1.

According to György Bakondi, the bank card programme for migrants which George Soros himself openly finances is also proof of this. He added that learning more about the issue of bank cards may help us to learn more about the actual motivation behind the organised nature of migration which we have observed since 2015.

The chief security advisor said the European Union would like to elevate the plans regarding the “migrant visa” (humanitarian visa) and the transformation of the EU’s border guard agency Frontex to a statutory level “in a hurry” during this term of the European Parliament – given its current composition – in order to create a regime that is hard to reverse or is altogether irreversible.

Mr Bakondi takes the view that they seem to have concerns about the outcome of next year’s EP elections. This is proved by the fact that the political forces which want a mass influx of migrants are attacking the countries which reject the process, such as Hungary.

He also said that everyone has known for minimum 3 years that terrorists are coming to Europe via the Balkans route. In a significant percentage of terrorist attacks committed in Europe, the perpetrators arrived on the continent via this route. Also today, this poses a major security and internal security threat in the countries concerned, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, the chief advisor said.