According to the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, it is imperative that the European Union should be capable of protecting its external borders and taking back those arriving in the content illegally.

On Friday evening on the public service television news channel M1 György Bakondi was asked regarding the fact that Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, leader of the government party Northern League (Lega Nord), told the newspaper Corriere della Sera that we must be able to take back illegal migrants on their way to Europe, and that he will be meeting with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán “to find a solution”.

The chief security advisor said we cannot speak of internal security if we are unable to prevent masses of people of unknown identities from coming to the EU, thereby deteriorating the sense of security of those living in the EU and “posing a threat” to social and health care systems.

He highlighted they also agree with Italy that we must therefore find the common solutions which we can then represent together in the EU.

Secondly, Mr Bakondi continued, those who are not eligible for asylum and are staying in Europe must be taken back to where they came from.

He mentioned thirdly that long-term solutions must be found to migration policy, the development of standard rules for declaring asylum seekers refugees and for taking them in, and the establishment of hotspots, and last but not least Europe should also address the issue that “rather than concentrating on importing the problem”, it should provide assistance where difficulties emerge. He observed that the Hungarian government wishes to play an active role in this process as far as its resources allow.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)