According to the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, the European Parliament “is re-tabling the proposal on the humanitarian visa – which did not obtain a majority in a previous vote and which he referred to as the migrant visa – “in defiance of its own rules”.

On Tuesday evening on the public service television news channel M1, György Bakondi said the EP’s left-liberal majority is perhaps beginning to realise that they will not necessarily have a majority after the May elections, and this is why they are trying to cement as many ideas raised in the EU, the UN or on George Soros’s teams into law.

He said there are 6 to 8 to 10 countries in Europe which support illegal migration, and they are seeking to strip this process of its illegal nature in order to open legal gates to millions in Africa, Asia and the Middle East who are waiting for the opportunity to come to Europe in the hope of a better life.

Mr Bakondi drew attention to the enormous number of migrants who have arrived in Germany in the past few years, many of whom would be required to leave because they have not been granted asylum. Therefore, in his view, sending back hundreds of thousands or millions of people – who see this new opportunity as “an invitation letter” and who will set out for one of the European countries agreeing to take them in on a voluntary basis – would result in serious internal security, economic and social consequences, as would the scenario that these people may choose to “hide in illegality”.