“Budapest and Belgrade will soon be enjoying huge cooperation opportunities from the perspective of tourism”, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén said at the LORIST Tourism, Fishing, Hunting and Sports Equipment EXPO in Novi Sad, Serbia on Thursday.

The Deputy Prime Minister highlighted the fact that during his visit to Novi Sad (Újvidék), he had held talks with members of the Serbian government on two concrete opportunities for cooperation, one concerning health tourism, and the other on tourism relating to hunting, angling and the environment.

Mr. Semjén was in the Serbian city to promote the 2021 “One with Nature” World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition, of which Serbia will be one of the guests of honour.

On the subject of hunting tourism, he highlighted the fact that it generates significant revenues in view of the fact hat the whole family often travels together with the hunter and stay in the given city for several days. “Hunting takes precisely the most solvent demand to parts of the country that are less urbanised, since that is where the natural treasures are to be found. This means that is helps people make a living and remain in place in precisely those places where it is most difficult to take other kinds of development projects”, he explained.

With relation to the 2021 World Exhibition, the Deputy Prime Minister said: “The goal is to showcase the fantastic game management and hunting culture of Hungary, the Carpathian Basin and Central Europe, but over 150 countries have been invited to participate, and every significant environmental protection, hunting and angling organisation has also been contacted”. “We have also striven to ensure the widest possible range with relation to the topic of the exhibition, and in addition to hunting and angling, will also be organising an equestrian championship, presenting the beauty of falconry, archery and sport shooting, as well as involving the arts and gastronomy, and the related wine culture, in an attempt to reach out to every segment of society”, he added.

Government Commissioner for the 2021 “One with Nature” World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition Zoltán Kovács highlighted the fact that in accordance with the Cabinet’s decision, a new hunting and nature exhibition will be held in Hungary 50 years after the 1971 world hunting exhibition. In addition to the 20-day central exhibition in Budapest, events will also be held in Vásárosnamény, Hatvan, Gödöllő and Keszthely, and practically every region will be involved in the series of events, he explained.

At his press conference in Novi Sad, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén also spoke about Hungarian-Serbian relations, which he said are outstanding. He pointed out that EU enlargement is one of Hungary’s most important goals, meaning that Serbia should finally become a full member of the European Union. “Not only are we doing everything possible to achieve this goal, we are also transferring all of our knowledge to Serbia”, he emphasised.

According to information from CED Central European Economic Development Network Non-profit Limited, Hungary is present at the LORIST expo, which involves 500 exhibitors from 20 countries, as guest of honour. At the trade fair, Hungarian health spas and thermal baths, as well as Hungarian enterprises linked to the topic of the expo, are showcasing their goods and services under the joint organisation of the CED and One with Nature Non-profit Limited.

Two of the three sections of the exhibition involve a Hungarian presence: At the hunting and fishing part of the expo, which opened on 2 October, Hungary is appearing with a 50 square metre stand aimed at promoting the 2021 World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition, while in the tourism section, which opened on 3 October, Hungarian enterprises are showcasing their wares on a 200 square metre stand made up of an 80 square metre game gastronomy open kitchen and a 120 square metre pavilion with Hungarian enterprises and the Kiskunság and Danube-Drava national parks.

According to a statement by the company, Managing Director of CED Central European Economic Development Network Non-profit Limited László Csík stressed that the LORIST EXPO is an excellent opportunity to represent Hungarian hunting and fishing culture, which boasts a long history of tradition, and the related innovative products and services to a wide audience. The company hopes that together with its partners it will succeed in establishing a long-term and successful cooperation at the trade exhibition that will facilitate the further expansion of Hungarian exports to the Serbian market, he added.