According to the Justice Ministry’s Parliamentary State Secretary, Soros’s candidates would not only allow in the migrants, but would once again ruin the economy, and accordingly everyone who would like to defend Hungary’s security and economic self-determination will be voting for the candidates of the Fidesz-KDNP coalition on 8 April.

In a statement published on the Tuesday, 3 April edition of Hungarian daily Magyar Idők, Deputy Justice Minister Pál Völner said that if Soros’s candidates came to power it would “floor” Hungary economically and everyday security would be lost. “The left-wing parties would not only do away with border protection and allow in the migrants, but would also ‘squander’ the majority of state assets. They would once again ruin the national economy and pass over its supervision to foreign economic superpowers; they would once again privatise public utility companies, the state-owned parts of public transport services and all enterprises and properties that play a role in assuring the stability and development of Hungary”, the State Secretary said.

“In addition, they would also make the people of Hungary and Hungarian enterprises pay for the cost of maintaining the migrants”, he added, noting that 10 thousand migrants would be resettled in Hungary in the first phase, but this number will definitely increase with time.

With relation to mandatory resettlement, Mr. Völner said now Brussels wants to resettle in Central and Eastern Europe the migrants to whom it previously allowed entry indiscriminately. “This is the Soros Plan, which Brussels would like to put into practice at the earliest opportunity”, the Deputy Minister declared.

According to Mr. Völner, the attack in France at the end of March in which a Moroccan man took hostages and killed four people proves that even after several generations immigrants from Africa still have not left behind their roots and are incapable of integrating into European societies. The Deputy Minister said that in his opinion the best that can be hoped for is that immigrants establish their own communities according to their own rules in their European places of accommodation.