“There is no more time to waste, decision-making shall be accelerated”, said Minister of State Barna Berke prior to the extraordinary meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council (JHA) in Brussels on 24 March. In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Brussels, the Netherlands presidency has convened an extraordinary meeting of ministers for justice and security and representatives of the EU institutions.

“The work will result in effective measures and the proposals shall be adopted expeditiously within the legislative process. This is in everyone’s fundamental interest”, Minister of State Berke underlined.

“This Thursday meeting is about expressing solidarity, but it will also be about resolution and determination”, he highlighted.

DownloadPhoto: Olivier Hoslet/EPA/MTI

According to the Hungarian official, politicians have argued for a fast-track legislative process after adopting the new directive on combatting terrorism at the last JHA Council. In several Member States there are difficulties with the enforcement of existing regulations. “Sometimes the administrative capacity, efficiency or capability – and occasionally even the will – is lacking. This must not continue”, Mr. Berke said.

Hungary can in essence support the joint statement that will be adopted by the Council, he said.

(Ministry of Justice)