Based on the findings of an investigation ordered in the wake of the Győr multiple child murder case and events that have recently shocked the public, Justice Minister Judit Varga suggested the tightening of the rules of conditional release as the first and most important step. Comments regarding the draft can be submitted to the e-mail address until 27 January 2020.

The report investigating the Győr tragedy highlighted that it is necessary to tighten the rules related to conditional release. The goal is not to release conditionally any convict who intentionally tried to take someone’s life. To this end, pursuant to the draft, in the case of intentional crimes against life, the conditional release of perpetrators as an option would be excluded.

Additionally, in the case of serious crimes committed against relatives, further conditions will be attached to conditional release, including supervision by a probation officer, the laying down of rules of conduct serving to protect victims and potential victims, and the use of technical devices for monitoring compliance.

The Ministry of Justice proposes that in any decision-making procedure that is aimed at the assessment of the possibility of conditional release, it should be necessary to obtain the opinions of a specialist physician and a psychologist in relation to the convict’s mental state as well as the opinion of the guardian authority in connection with any minor children convicts may have.

As expected, Parliament will debate the bill during its spring session.

As part of a social consultation, the draft of the bill prepared by the Ministry of Justice is accessible here.