On behalf of the Government, the Justice Minister speaking at the general debate of the amendment of the Constitution held on 17 October 2016 took the view: the position that community law overrides national law in every instance is wrong.

Justice Minister László Trócsányi highlighted: there is today a major debate regarding the ideal of a federation of Europe versus the concept of a Europe of the Member States, a Europe of the nations. Hungary supports the latter, he indicated.

He pointed out: according to the Fundamental Law, Hungary is a sovereign country, while there is scope for the joint exercise of certain powers. The debate is about the constitutional core that must be preserved and protected in Europe. This is what the amendment of the Constitution is about, and the time has come to lay certain questions down, he said.

That which is contemplated to be laid down in the Fundamental Law conforms to the European trend which each Member State is shaping for itself. The position that community law overrides national law in every instance is wrong, the Minister said. In his view, we have serious arguments which are convincing and are able to defend the position of the Hungarian Government. He highlighted: we are defining what our own national identity is.

The proposed amendment is not some beauty spot, but a useful proposal, he said.

He indicated: they are open to motions of amendment, and whoever they may originate from, the Government will consider them.

In his view, holding a referendum was the right decision, and was not a superfluous act as the position of 3.3 million people is a powerful authorisation, he said.

(Ministry of Justice/MTI)