Minister of State for Cooperation in European and International Affairs of the Ministry of Justice Barna Berke negotiated about bilateral and European justice affairs in London on 26 February 2015.

In an interview given to Hungarian News Agency (MTI) the Minister of State said that he discussed the draft general data protection regulation of the European Union and future legislative plans of the capital markets union with Shailesh Vara, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Minister for the Courts and Legal Aid of the British Ministry of Justice.

Among the issues of mutual assistance in criminal matters, the differences between national proceedings for the execution of the European Arrest Warrant were reviewed. Mr Berke noted that in order to fulfil the arrest warrants the British authorities often required more information than necessary according to European legislation. The Hungarian politician asked for the improvement of this cooperation in cases like transfer of criminal suspects. There have been several occasions when Britain did not hand over the suspects referring to Hungarian prison conditions.

The Hungarian Minister of State met Lord Boswell, Chairman of EU Scrutiny Committee of the House of Lords as well. Lord Boswell enquired about the reports of Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International concerning Hungary. Barna Berke confirmed the Hungarian standpoint, according to which these reports brought up cases already closed by the amendments of the Fundamental Law of Hungary. Concerning the European Energy Union to be formed, both parties agreed that the actual situation of each member state should be taken into account. The situation of Roma people in Hungary was also mentioned. The Minister of State assured Lord Boswell that the Hungarian Government took measures in the field of education and cultural integration as well.

(Ministry of Justice)