What was the Berlin Wall for the Germans was the Iron Curtain for us Hungarians.

In her speech, Justice Minister Judit Varga highlighted that we Hungarians have always been proud of the fact that for centuries we defended Europe, and what happened in Sopronpuszta 30 years ago offered a glimpse of that.

Mrs Varga recalled that for 40 years the Iron Curtain had divided Europe’s unity of a thousand years into two, the effects of which we feel to this day, and also today it is our duty to eliminate its consequences.

At the event, German federal State Secretary Christian Hirte said the German people are grateful to the Hungarian people for the Pan-European Picnic, and even after the fall of the Berlin Wall, we must not forget what the Eastern Europeans did for the Germans. He added that this piece of the Berlin Wall is a symbol of the fact that the Pan-European Picnic was the starting point of the fall of the Iron Curtain.

After the celebratory speeches, a piece of the Berlin Wall was inaugurated.