Pro-migration international forces are resorting to new methods because they have realised that due to the resistance of some national governments they will not be able to populate Europe with hundreds of thousands of migrants within a short time, the Deputy Justice Minister told the 23 April 2018 edition of the newspaper Magyar Idők. He added that if there is no legal protection, migrants may come in the hundreds of thousands.

They are therefore attacking the legal regulations which were adopted earlier in the interest of the protection of Europe, Pál Völner said in connection with the case of the two Bangladeshi refugees.

The Strasbourg European Court of Human Rights heard the case at second instance a few days ago. Mr Völner said signs appear to indicate that the procedure was not instituted for the settlement of the two men’s fates in the least.

The case is more about the fact that pro-migrant forces, with George Soros and his network at their lead, seek to destroy the European legal system, and to this end they fabricated from legal arguments a peculiar kind of Trojan horse and placed the case of the two Bangladeshis inside it.

According to Mr Völner, once the erosion of the legal system starts, a migration flow more intensive than experienced ever before may flood Europe.