In the interests of protecting the health of the Hungarian population, at its session on 31 January 2020 the government-established Operational Group for Protection against the Coronavirus Epidemic decided on the following Action Plan.

The goal of the measures now adopted is to screen out and localise any possible incidents of the infection in Hungary, and to coordinate the tasks of state bodies in order to effectively organise healthcare and epidemiological measures. It is important to note that there have been no diagnosed cases of coronavirus in Hungary. The Operational Group is continuously analysing the situation and, if necessary, will be introducing further measures.

National Police Headquarters (ORFK)

1) The ORFK shall submit an accelerated proposal for procedural regulations relating to the monitoring of border traffic and the prevention of the spread of the epidemic, and for the measures that need to be introduced and the required border protection instruments. During the course of border monitoring, it shall focus on persons arriving from China, or persons who were last on Chinese territory within 14 days prior to entering Hungary, as well as to persons who have come into contact with people who have proven to be infected with the disease.
2)       It shall install and operate thermal cameras and investigate the possibilities for purchasing or renting more high-capacity thermal cameras.
3)         In cooperation with the National Centre for Public Health, it shall launch a free information hotline (“green number”).
4)     Following the recommendations of the National Centre for Public Health, it shall procure the necessary healthcare equipment via the National Healthcare Service Centre.
5)     It shall provide suitable health protection and personal protective equipment for personnel on duty at border crossing stations, and establish disinfection points. It shall arrange for the training of such personnel.
6)     It shall provide for the quarantining of infected persons at border crossing points.

National Centre for Public Health (National Chief Medical Officer)

7)     It shall determine and enact the protocol required to protect against the epidemic and inform those involved in the healthcare system about it – particularly in areas where there are border crossing points.

8)     It shall review the quantity and quality of the necessary healthcare equipment in stock and in production. If necessary, it shall act to ensure the procurement of further stocks.
9)     It shall review the capacity of testing laboratories and ensure the provision of fast-track testing.
10)     In order to inform the public, it shall create a web page with information concerning the virus as part of an awareness-raising campaign.
11)     In relation to students returning from abroad, it shall ensure that the medical and healthcare services of higher education institutions are provided with the conditions for implementation of the necessary procedures.
12)     Following the establishment of a free information hotline (“green number”), it shall ensure the availability of medical staff for the service.
13)     It shall ensure cooperation between the healthcare system and the institutions of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

National Healthcare Service Centre

14)     Following approval by the Minister of Human Capacities and upon authorisation from the Operational Group, it shall arrange for the procurement of the healthcare equipment required by the organisations and institutions involved in protecting against the epidemic.

National Ambulance Service

15)     It shall provide for the transportation to healthcare institutions of potential patients identified at border crossing points.
16)     It shall confirm that service staff are in possession of all suitable protective equipment. If necessary, it shall arrange for such equipment to be provided.

National Institute of Haematology and Infectiology

17)     It shall prepare the available patient care field for the reception of patients.
18)     It shall prepare a plan of action for the expansion of bed capacities.

National Prison Control Authority

19)     It shall prepare the transition to the production of health protection equipment.

Ministry of Interior National Directorate General for Disaster Management

20)     It shall immediately inform the Operational Group of any change in the state of readiness of the European Council’s integrated crisis management measures.
21)     It shall continue cooperation with the specialist bodies of the European Commission and provide information to the Operational Group.

Counter-terrorism Information and Crime Analysis Centre

22)     It shall act to ensure the immediate preparation of information materials requested by the Operational Group.
23)     It shall monitor the epidemiological measures introduced by the Member States of the European Union, trends in air traffic arriving from China, and the state measures related to these. Until ordered otherwise, it shall prepare a report on this information every 24 hours.

National Directorate General for Immigration

24)     In cooperation with the Chinese Embassy, it shall arrange for temporary changes to the residency rights of Chinese citizens who are unable to return to China.


25)     The Operational Group requests that the Ministry of Interior, with the involvement of the Ministry of Finance, arranges for the issue of an exemption in relation to the usual procurement procedures concerning purchases ordered by the National Healthcare Service Centre.
26)     The Operational Group requests that the Ministry of Interior provides IT support for the data, information and reports relating to the work of the Operational Group.
27)     The Operational Group requests that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade provides continuous information concerning the situation of Hungarian citizens who are awaiting evacuation. In addition, with the involvement of the National Tourism Agency and the National Directorate General for Immigration, the Ministry shall prepare information material on trends and observations relating to the travel of Chinese citizens into and out of Hungary.
28)     The Operational Group requests that mayors and the directors and maintainers of public education institutions contact the National Centre for Public Health if they become aware of any people who have fallen ill after arriving from China.
The Operational Group requests that its members immediately begin implementation of the tasks laid down, and report on their progress at the body’s next meeting.

(Ministry of Interior)