In his official statement, Masssimo Moratti, Deputy Director for Europe at Amnesty International, reacted to events in another European capital, not Budapest. To police intervention in which flashbang, water and teargas grenades, water cannons and mounted police charges were deployed.

In Budapest the Hungarian police, despite the fact that they were subject to continuous and active attacks, remained calm. No riot control measures were employed, and the peaceful participants of the demonstration went home without coming into contact with police.

The Hungarian police force did not use needless and excessive violence. Despite the fact that the “peaceful” demonstrators caused injury to 15 police officers and some two million forints in damage to police equipment. People who chant “Let the Christmas tree burn! Let the police burn!” are not peaceful. People who want to break through a passive police line, and who pushed their own number into the police line with such force that the police had to evacuate unconscious and suffocating people before they suffered even more serious injuries, are not peaceful.

Practicing the right to the freedom of expression is not compatible with the damaging of the sledge fence surrounding the Nation’s Christmas Tree, which is for children in need, or with stealing or setting fire to those sledges. The vandalization and contamination of public buildings and spaces is a violent crime – these were committed by protestors.

The uninformed Deputy Director raised his voice with relation to the events in Budapest. Can he see and hear what is happening in Budapest?

(Ministry of Interior)