The US-based extremist and nationalist international “white supremacy” organisation, the National Policy Institute (NPI), is organising a conference in the Hungarian capital together with Russian radical figures.

According to the stipulations of Hungary’s Fundamental Law (the Constitution), practicing freedom of expression cannot be aimed at violating the human dignity of others, of the Hungarian nation or of national, ethnic, racial of religious communities. Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér – in total harmony with the standpoint put forward by the Government and Hungary’s parliamentary parties – has determined that the proposed speakers of the conference planned by the organisation, which is openly based on racist ideology, are proponents of racist ideologies and the expression of their opinions is contrary to the Fundamental Law, and accordingly he is banning the conference.

The Minister of Interior calls on the organisers of the conference to cease any further action with relation to the proposed conference. Sándor Pintér has ordered Hungary’s National Commissioner of Police to prevent the event using all legal means necessary, in view of its illegal nature, and to initiate the ordering of entry and residence bans against the proposed speakers of the conference, who are well-known for spreading racist views.

(Ministry of Interior)