“Without the work of the civil guard, Hungary could not be the world’s fifteenth safest country”, Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér said at the opening of the 14th National Civil Guard Day and the 7th National Civil Guard Equestrian Parade in Baja on Saturday.

The Deputy Prime Minister stressed that the civil guard contributes significantly to establishing and maintaining public order and public safety.

DownloadPhoto: Tamás Sóki/MTI

“Members of the civil guard were among the first to recognise the dangers inherent in migration and immediately reacted to it. They organised patrols, assisted the police and military personnel on duty along the border, and then organised their own border guard section”, the Minister recalled. “In addition, cooperation between their motorcycle section and the transport police raises the work of the civil guard and police to a new level”, he added.

DownloadPhoto: Tamás Sóki/MTI

The Interior Minister also spoke about the fact that the National Civil Guard Association views 2018 as the year of the family, children and youth, adding that this was a good choice because young people are being threatened by increasing dangers, and calling on family members to assist members of the civil guard in the work they perform in the interests of the community, since a secure family background is the foundation of their successful operations.