“The Government has prepared another legislative package to combat illegal immigration; the proposed bill, which will be put forward for social debate, would require the supporters of illegal migration to disclose data and place a 25 percent duty on the funding they receive from abroad, in addition to which it would enable citizens who organise immigration to be served with newly introduced immigration restraining orders”, Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér said at his press conference in the recess of Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting. Government Spokesperson Zoltan Kovács called the proposed legislative package the “Stop Soros” bill.

Mr. Pintér said in justification of the move: “Legislation must be introduced that enables the enforcement of the results of the National Consultation. The Government’s goal is to provide a clear set of rules for official bodies, citizens, illegal immigrants and those who are organising illegal immigration”.

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The Minister of Interior explained with regard to the proposal: “According to plan, organisations that undertake a role in facilitating illegal migration will have to submit data to a court, and the information will be included in a continuously available public database. In addition, if such an organisation receives the majority of their funding from abroad, then a 25 percent duty will be payable on those foreign funds and the money will be collected by the Hungarian Tax and Customs office”.

“Adherence to the new rules will be monitored by the Prosecutor’s Office, and if irregularities are discovered then it will inform the court and make a recommendation with regard to sanctions, on which the court will then decide”, he continued.

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“Another goal is to prevent individuals who facilitate illegal immigration from performing such activities. Accordingly, the immigration restraining order will be introduced, which will provide the opportunity to keep such foreign citizens away from Hungary”, Mr. Pintér said, adding that the restraining order will not be applicable to diplomats and UN representatives, or to Members of Parliament who could have an official role within the given field.

In reply to a question, the Minister confirmed that the new legislation will not enable Hungarian citizens to be banned from Hungary, but that such action could be taken with relation to foreign citizens.

The Interior Minister said the full text of the proposal would be made public on Thursday, while Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács said that by putting forward the “Stop Soros” legislative package, which is made up of three legislative proposals, the Government has done what it can to prepare the required bill in light of the new situation.

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In reply to a question from the press on how the new legislation could affect George Soros, the Government Spokesperson said: “If it transpires that George Soros is performing such activities, meaning that he is actively organising illegal immigration, then the new regulations will be just as applicable to him”.

With relation to the fact that a few days ago 11 immigrants succeeded in crossing the Hungarian border in a light aeroplane and were subsequently apprehended at Kállósemjén, east of Nyíregyháza, Mr. Pintér told reporters that the authorities are investigating whether the 11 people may or may not be regarded as refugees. “If they are not covered by the Geneva Convention, then they will be treated as illegal border crossers. Currently, the easiest solution would be for them to be extradited back to Ukraine, where they are believed to have set out from”, he added.