In contrast to fake reports released in the press, the Government of Hungary and the Ministry of Interior do not provide housing for those granted international protection and asylum seekers in Hungary.

The government operates guarded and unguarded accommodation facilities, and those granted protection are accommodated in these facilities. The European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund provided grants for municipalities in Hungary for assessing the housing needs outside accommodation facilities of individuals granted international protection and social work via a programme launched in 2013.

It is not our duty to pass judgement on the programmes of the European Union. The Ministry of Interior discharged its obligation when it created the conditions that were necessary for access to grants from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund for municipalities which wished to submit proposals.

We find it regrettable that the European Union provides funds for the care of those receiving international protection, but routinely disregards requests of the Hungarian government for the reimbursement of 50% of the country’s border guarding expenditures.

(Ministry of Interior)